Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure?

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure?

Bracelet du Destin

Adventure - Sharing - Love - Friendship - Business

On the planet, a person has the same number as you!
Who ? Why ?

On the planet, a person has the same number as you!
Who ? Why ?


Destiny can take you where you’ve never imagined!

This match can change your life!

From 14 to 99 years old, for you, your children, your friends, it will be fun at first, but quickly intriguing to know who and especially why this person has the same bracelet as you?


Bracelet du Destin™ is a unique concept in the world.

Bracelet du Destin™ connects people in a spirit of intrigue and curiosity that Destiny will transform into a relationship of friendship, love, sharing or business.

Why Destiny gave the same numbers of your bracelet to another person? To discover it, you just have to get in touch with that person. We don’t give the bracelet any magical or spiritual connotation.

Registration on the site does not require a photo and all your data remains confidential and will only be transmitted if you wish.

To tempt your Destiny, you just have to believe in it.

Don’t be disappointed of your match. If you give it a chance, it may lead you to something you’ve never imagined!

«I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.»

Do you know how Mohamed Ali became a Boxer?

After the theft of his bicycle when he was a child, he went to a police station in tears, where he met a police officer and boxing coach who trained him to fight and defend himself.

How it works


Get one or more Bracelet du Destin™ with the number of your choice.

Buy a bracelet


Register your bracelet on the site with its purchase number, which can be found in the bracelet pouch.



Your matches
Destiny suggests one or more people in the world with the same number as you. You can chat with the person of your choice in the secure area of the site.

My matches


Your best testimonials

They like it and talk about it!

I participated in the Bracelet du Destin™ game for an adventure. I matched with Samuel, a guy from my area and we decided to go to Brazil. There, we helped a man who had a problem with his vehicle. After helping him, he offered to show us around the Amazon. What a beautiful adventure.

Samuel & Arthur

Thanks to Bracelet du Destin™, I discovered a passion. I was looking for a new sensation outside my homeland, Poland. Here I met Anna from Biarritz, she introduced me to surfing, which has become a real passion. I’m so grateful for that.

Adam & Anna

The bracelet allowed me to meet Pierre, even if I was expecting and hoping to meet a woman. Despite everything, I decided to talk to Pierre, and little by little, we hit it off. Pierre had a daughter, 3 years younger than me, single. We have met, and we fell immediately in love. Thank you Destiny.

Lucie & Edouard

I believe in Destiny and wanted to see what it had in store for me. So I got into the Bracelet du Destin™ adventure. I chatted with a woman named Yuminamed Yumi. It turned out that cinema was one of our common passions. We have met and correspond regularly!

AkioYumi & Final


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